New Testament Scripture Passages Related to the Temple

  • Luk 21:5 (Beautifully adorned),
  • Mat 23:16-22, 27:6 (Temple treasures, the temple a sort of national bank; cf. 1Ch 29:1-9, 1Ki 14:25-26, 2Ki 24:12-13, 25:13-15, 1Ch 26:20,22
  • Mar 12:41-44, Joh 8:20 (The temple treasury: located in the court of women where people donated their money into one of thirteen chests that were shaped like trumpets being wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, and marked so as to receive offerings for different things, whether it be the temple tax, the equivalent of money for offerings to be made, offerings for the wood or incense used in the temple, of the Nazirite, for the cleansing of a leper, voluntary offerings, etc…),
  • Luk 1:8-23 (Zechariah’s vision in the temple),
  • Luk 2:22-39 (Jesus’ presentation to the Lord in the temple; Simeon, Anna),
  • Luk 2:41-51 (Jesus in the temple at 12 years old),
  • Mat 4:5, Luk 4:9 (Pinnacle of temple),
  • Joh 2:14-17 (Jesus cleanses the temple),
  • Joh 2:18-22, Mar 14:58,15:29 (Destroy temple and raise it in 3 days),
  • Joh 5:14 (Jesus found in the temple a man whom He had healed and warned him not to sin anymore),
  • Joh 7:10-8:12ff (Jesus teaches in the temple during the Feast of Tabernacles),
  • Joh 8:59 (Jesus hid Himself and went out of the temple),
  • Joh 10:22-23 (Jesus walking in winter in the temple in the portico of Solomon),
  • Luk 18:10 (Pharisee and publican went up to the temple to pray),
  • Mat 21:12, Mar11:15-16, Luk 19:45 (Jesus cleanses the temple a second time),
  • Mat 21:14 (Jesus heals in the temple),
  • Mat 21:15 (Children in the temple),
  • Mat 26:55, Luk 19:47,20:1,21:37-38 (Jesus teaching daily in the temple),
  • Mat 23:35 (Zechariah murdered between altar and temple),
  • Mat 24:1-3 (Not one stone left upon another),
  • Mat 27:3-5 (Judas casts silver into the sanctuary),
  • Mat 27:51 (Veil of temple torn in two),
  • Luk 24:50-53, Act 2:46 (Continually in temple praising God after Jesus’ ascension),
  • Luk 22:52, Mart 14:54,65, Joh 7:32,45-46, 18:3,12,18,22,19:6, Act 4:1-4 (temple officers),
  • Act 3:1-10 (Peter and John heal a man at Beautiful gate),
  • Act 3:11, 5:12 (Meeting in Solomon’s Portico),
  • Act 5:17-32,42 (Teaching in the temple, temple guard),
  • Act 21:26-22:29 (Paul seized in the temple and his defense to the people),
  • Act 22:17-21 (Paul’s vision in the temple)
  • Act 24:6,12,18, 25:8, 26:21 (Charges against Paul regarding the temple)
  • Rom 9:4 (To Jews belongs the temple service)
  • 1Co 3:16-17, 6:19, 2Co 6:16, Eph 2:19-22, 2Th 2:4, Rev 3:12, 7:14-15 (Christian Church the spiritual temple)

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