Section 1: Introduction to Jesus and the Gospel

Geneology and birth

The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry

Section 2: The Gospel of the Kingdom

The First Set of Narratives

The First Discourse

Section 3: Jesus’ Messianic Credentials

The Second Set of Narratives

The Second Discourse

Section 4: The Proclamation of the Kingdom

The Third Set of Narratives

The Third Discourse

Section 5: Rising Conflict

The Fourth Set of Narratives

The Fourth Discourse

Section 6: The Kingdom and the End

The Fifth Set of Narratives

The Fifth Discourse

Section 7: The Passion and the Resurrection

Passion Narratives

The Resurrection and the Great Commission

…lots more to come!

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  1. sophia tina

    Bible study is too good for all christian family, basically it is helpful to know plan of salvation.

  2. Noveen Ayaz

    Hello. I am Noveen Ayaz from Pakistan. I am a translator for Urdu and Punjabi languages.

    I can translate books, articles, sermons, audios, videos, websites, booklets, blogs, etc.

    If you have any material that you need to get translated into Urdu and Punjabi languages to spread here for people, please write me email or you can call me here:


    Noveen Ayaz.

    1. clabro

      Hi Noveen,

      Thank you for visiting Please feel free to translate any of the materials at this site into Urdu or Punjabi that you believe would assist people in Pakistan to come to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. I highly recommend the Basics in Biblical Christianity bible study at God bless you!

      Clark Brown

  3. Vivek

    The study is excellent….! God bless your efforts. Kindly do post study materials from Matthew 28. Thank you!

  4. GILLY

    I love the scriptures. May God bless you

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