What Is the Gospel

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This is a compilation of teachings explaining what I believe the Scriptures teach is the gospel and the narrative that has been spun over time to distort its message and make it more palatable to those on the broad road to destruction.

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Matthew 27:63-64 (Given Over to Their Fears)

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All of the religion of the religious leaders who put Jesus to death was of the flesh and political, and not real and of the heart. They had imagined that they would be able to deal with any repercussions politically as they had always done before. For just an instant though, they realized that all the rest of their religion to which they had only given lip-service was really true and had now come upon them. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Heb 10:31).

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Matthew 27:62-63 (Doubling Down on the High Sabbath)

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The religious leaders who sought their will against Jesus had now fully obtained it; He was dead.  But as C.S. Lewis notes, although everyone ultimately gets what they want, not everyone likes what they get.  For even from the moment that Pilate surrendered Jesus to their will they immediately began to sense that perhaps they…

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Matthew 27:62 (Their Eyes Were Opened, and They Knew They Were Naked)

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Around 3 pm on Thursday of Passion Week Jesus died upon the cross.  The religious leaders of Israel had sought their will against Him and had now obtained it.  He came as light into the world but they would not receive it, for they loved darkness rather than the light and wanted to extinguish His…

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Matthew 27:60 (Entombed)

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Although God had ordained centuries before that the Messiah would be with a rich man in His death (Isa 53:9), there was much for the particular rich man whom He had set apart, Joseph of Arimathea, to overcome in order that it might come to pass.  Jesus had been assigned a grave with the wicked…

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