1 Timothy 6:11-21 (Concluding Remarks to Timothy)

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1Ti 6:11-16 What does it mean “to flee”?  From what things is Timothy to flee?  See 1Ti 6:3-5, 10.  What things does a man of God pursue?  See 1Ti 6:11.  Why is perseverance important?  See Mat 10:22, 24:13.  Note: “pursue” is the same word translated elsewhere as “persecute”—i.e., to pursue intensely; does Paul’s use of…

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1 Timothy 6:1-10 (Instructions About Slaves; The Fruit of False Doctrine)

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1Ti 6:1-2     What does Paul mean by “all honor”?  For what reason did Paul instruct that slaves should regard as worthy of all honor even an unbelieving master?  See also 1 Pet 2:13-15, 18-23.  Why in the same manner is it important for Christian wives to be subject in honor to their husbands, even if they…

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1 Timothy 5:17-25 (Instructions About Elders)

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1Ti 5:17-18 How does an elder differ from an overseer (1Ti 3:1-7) or pastor?  See Tit 1:5-7, Acts 20:17,28, 1 Pet 2:25, 5:1-4 and note that while “elder” describes the mature status of church leaders, “overseer” and “pastor” describe their role.  What does Paul mean by those who “rule well”?  Note: the Greek words he uses…

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1 Timothy 5:3-16 (Instructions About Widows)

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1Ti 5:3-8     From the context of the verses that follow, what does Paul mean to “honor” widows?  See also 1Ti 5:17-18.  What does he mean by those who are “widows indeed”?  See 1Ti 5:4-5, 16.  What example do we have in Scripture of a “widow indeed” who continued “in entreaties and prayers”?  See Luke 2:37. …

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1 Timothy 4:7-10 (Striving For Godliness)

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1Ti 4:7-8                 What does 1Ti 4:8 teach us about the nature of the “worldly fables” he mentions in 1Ti 4:7?  See also 1Ti 4:3, Col 2:20-23.  What does Paul mean that they are “fit only for old women” (KJV and NIV = “old wives’ tales”; literally “profane and old-womanish myths”)?  Is it like Paul to…

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