Matthew 17:22-27 (The Temple Tax)

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Mat 17:24-27   What was the two-drachma tax for that those who collected it were asking if Jesus had paid it?  See Exo 30:11-16, 38:25-26, and cf. the NIV “temple tax”.  What indication is there that this tax was perhaps voluntary or that some may have been considered exempt from paying it?  Considering that this…

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Matthew 17:14-23 (Jesus Heals a Lunatic, Part 3, Return to Capernaum)

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In spite of Matthew’s description of the boy’s affliction as an illness, how does he say in Mat 17:18 that Jesus cured him?  How does Mark describe the healing in Mar 9:25?  What is the importance of Jesus’ command to the unclean spirit to not enter again into the boy?  See Mat 12:43-45.  How does…

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Matthew 17:14-21 (Jesus Heals a Lunatic, Part 2; A Perverted Generation)

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Recall from our previous discussion on Matthew 16:4 that a “generation” is characterized by certain assumptions and beliefs, and in Biblical usage it is not necessarily to be understood in a temporal, linear sense in the way we think of the generations of “depression-era”, “baby boomers”, “x-ers”, and “millenials”.  Remember too that true salvation is…

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Matthew 17:14-16 (Jesus Heals a Lunatic, Part 1)

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When Jesus, Peter, James and John returned to the other disciples from the Mount of Transfiguration who met them?  See Luk 9:37.  Why had such a large crowd been gathered together around the other disciples?  See Luk 9:38-40.  Besides the spectacle of the demon-possessed boy, how might the inability of the disciples’ to cast it…

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Matthew 16:24-26 (Following Jesus)

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Mat 16:24-26    In spite of Jesus not fulfilling people’s expectations, what great confession had Peter just made?  See Mat 16:16.  What had Jesus just begun teaching His disciples must happen to Him as the Messiah?  See Mat 16:21.  Was this their expectation even though they believed Him to be the Messiah while others had…

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