Matthew 9:27-31 (The Son of David Heals the Blind)

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Mat 9:27-31  Consider the numerous accounts in the gospels of Jesus healing the blind: see Mat 12:22, 15:30-31, 20:30-34, 21:14, Mar 8:22-26, 10:46-52, Joh 9:1-6; what is the spiritual significance that the blind were so often objects of Jesus’ mercy (Mat 9:27) and that He seems to have had a special compassion for them (Mat…

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Matthew 9:18-26 (Hope for the Hopeless)

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Mat 9:18-26   What was the name of the synagogue official who came to Jesus, and what additional information does Mark supply about the man’s daughter?  See Mar 5:22-23.  What additional information does Luke give about the girl?  See Luk 8:42.  Is there a contradiction between Matthew’s account that has the man saying his daughter had…

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Matthew 8:23-27; 9:1-8 (Jesus’ Incredible Authority)

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Mat 8:23-27          Recall that after attracting much attention by His healing ministry in Capernaum, Jesus “gave orders to depart to the other side” (Mat 8:18).  How many disciples might there have been who followed Him?  See Mar 4:36.  How does Matthew’s description of the storm that arose differ from that of Mark and Luke?  See…

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Matthew 8:14-22 (Jesus’ Healing Ministry, the Cost of Discipleship)

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Mat 8:14-17  In what town did Peter live?  See Mat 8:5.  What does Mat 8:14 tell us about Roman Catholicism’s first pope?  Cf. 1Co 9:5.  With what was Peter’s mother-in-law afflicted?  How did Jesus heal her?  What was her response?  Note: the Greek word used is diakonew from which we get our word deacon; it means…

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