The Atonement of Christ’s Blood

Understanding How the Blood of Christ Saves and Reconciles us to God

  • – What is the relationship between Jesus’ sacrifice and our redemption, forgiveness and receiving an inheritance per the terms of the covenant / will that was effected by His death?
  • – From what, and to what, are we saved? Is it Jesus’ death alone that saves us? What part does His resurrection have in our salvation?
  • – Does the justice of God demand the satisfaction of blood before He will forgive, similar to what pagans throughout history have believed?
  • – What was the purpose of the Old Testament sacrifices?
  • – Does blood alone atone for sin?
  • – How does Christ’s death render powerless the devil?
  • – To whom was Christ’s life given as a ransom? From what are we ransomed?
  • – Why did Jesus not only die, but suffer and die? If all that was necessary was His shed blood, why didn’t God sovereignly ordain a more merciful death for His own dear Son?
  • – What is the relationship between a will or testament, and a covenant? What was willed to Jesus as an inheritance from His Father, and what was willed to us through the new testament in His blood?