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2Co 1:1-7     What would cause Paul to immediately break into his eulogy in these verses on God’s comfort?  See 2Co 7:5-7.  Who does Paul say comforts us in all our affliction?  Is it significant that Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as the Comforter? (See John 14:16,26, 15:26, 16:7 in the KJV, NASB = Helper, NIV = Counselor, but the same Greek word.)  For what purpose does Paul say God’s ministers are comforted in their affliction?

2Co 1:8-11   What was the affliction that came upon Paul in Asia?  See Acts 19:23-41.  For what purpose does Paul say they had “the sentence of death within themselves?  How might God cause the same within individuals today for the same purpose?  How does Paul say the Corinthians helped him to be delivered through his affliction?  See 2Co 1:11.

2Co 1:12-14 How did Paul’s ministry and relationship to the Corinthians differ from that of the false apostles who were challenging his authority?  See 2Co 2:17, 4:2, 11:20.

2Co 1:15-17 What were Paul’s original travel plans for visiting the Corinthians?  How had they changed?  See also 1 Cor 16:5, Acts 19:21.  How had those who were challenging Paul’s authority in Corinth used his change of plans as an opportunity to criticize him to the others?  Do God’s true ministers face similar criticisms today?

2Co 1:18-22 How does Paul’s appeal to the veracity of God and Christ Jesus serve to establish his own veracity and faithfulness in dealing with the Corinthians?

2Co 1:23-24 What was Paul’s real reason for changing his travel plans to Corinth?  How does such an understanding turn upside-down the accusations of those who were opposing him?  What does this teach us about the danger of criticizing others without knowing all of the facts?

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